Absorbent Mats: For Clean Workplace Environment

Published: 09th August 2011
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As per the rules and regulations laid by the Federal Safety department, the floors in the workplace need to be immaculately clean. The absorbent pads help to wick up common spills and liquids and hold them while removing very easily. When your workplace has a lot of hazardous material, it is strongly recommended that you make use of oil absorbent pads, absorbent mats, and absorbent pads in order to match the specialized needs to keep the floors absolutely neat so as to avoid accidents.

Absorbent mats too are versatile as far as their usability is concerned. Absorbent pads are used around places to provide place to put tools or to wipe oil stains from machinery and also as an added protection on the wall surfaces and prevent splashes or oversprays. They are an ideal item in each and every spill kit as they make a good spill containment product.

Supply Line Direct hosts a wide variety of absorbents in the form of absorbent mats, absorbent pads, and oil absorbent pads. The universal absorbents specialize in keeping the working environment clean and safe by absorbing different kinds of spills that include water, coolants, solvents and oils too. Oil absorbents as the name indicates absorb only oil products. Another type of absorbent called the HazMat absorbent is used mainly for absorption of highly aggressive spills. There are a few other specialty products too which help in fixing a leak in a drum or a pipe. Recycled paper waste or loose sorbent products and peat moss also serve as absorbents to clean water, oil, coolants and also various other spills.

Oil absorbent pads are famous for repelling water and absorb only oil along with other hydrocarbon products. These pads are generally white in color which makes it absolutely easy to identify when they are saturated. Oil absorbents are present in abundance in such places where there is a high chance for oil spills. For instance in places like refineries, garages, machine shops and dockyards too.

Absorbent pads and rolls and sonic bonded pads offer the users with efficient, quick and totally economical cleanup. Supply Line Direct hosts a myriad range of oil absorbent pads which you could choose from after having gone through the various specifications that the pads and rolls come in. Available in the categories of universal, oil-only, HazMat, loose and specialty the absorbent mats are indeed an essential item in an industrial work place so as to avoid any kind of accidents that arise out of accidental spills.

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